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The Peterborough Bridge Club is an ACBL associated Duplicate bridge Club which has been in
operation since prior to 1962.

                184 HILLIARD at MARINA BLVD.
             Phone (705) 745-2331

Mailing Address


Peterborough Bridge Club
c/o James H. Ward
167 Aylmer St.N.
Peterborough, Ont.
K9J 3K2

Manager                        Jim Ward                                 748-4265

Games            Times                      Categories

Monday                         1:00pm                                   Open Pairs

Tuesday                        1:00pm                                   499er Pairs
                                      7:00pm                                   Open Pairs

Thursday                       1:00pm                                   499er Pairs
                                      7:00pm                                   Open Pairs
Last Thursday Month    7:00pm                                 Swiss Teams

Friday                            1:00pm                                   Open Pairs

Saturday                        1:00pm                                   Open Pairs
                                1:00pm                                   Novice

Note:- All games are stratified   Open Games     C = 0 - 500 NLM
                                                                        B = 500 – 1000
                                                                     A = 1000 plus

                                          499er Games    C = 0 – 100
                                                                      B = 100 – 300
                                                                      A = 300 – 500

                                             Novice                0 – 50

Membership        $10.00 per year    1 April   to 31 March

Playing Fees       $5.00 per session

For partners or lessons call Jim Ward   Pager         750-9516
Home         748-4265


at jhward@cogeco.ca


call me at 705-748-4265

For anyone unfamiliar with "BRIDGE"

Bridge is a card game for four players per table. The positions at the table are given the names North, South, East, and West. . North and South are partners and East and West are partners. The cards are dealt in rotation to each player until each player has thirteen cards.

The game gets its origin fron the game of Whist. There can be a trump suit, either clubs, diamonds, hearts or spades or there can be no trump. The decision of the trump suit is decided by bidding starting with the dealer and goes around the table in a clockwise direction. Each player can either pass or bid a suit or no trump. The bidding is complete when everyone has had an opportunity to bid and there there has been three passes. The player who first bids either the final suit or no trump becomes the "Declarer". The player to the left of the Declarer starts play with the opening lead. The player opposite the Declarer becomes the "Dummy" and places his cards on the table.

The Declarer states which card will be played from Dummy. When all four positions have played a card, this is called a trick. The highest card played to the trick wins unless there is a trump. Everyone must follow suit unless they have no cards in the suit led. They are then allowed to trump if there is a trump suit.

When all thirteen tricks have been played, the hand is finished. If the daclarer won six tricks (his book) plus the number of tricks bid, he has made his contract and scores. If he wins less than that number, he is down and the opponents score.


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